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You can play with your account and group with us for your order.

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You can watch us play on your account, through a private stream broadcast or VOD (if you want to watch it later)!


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What are the Strike Events?

Strike are world events that pops out here and there randomly! You need to team up with a small group of people and defeat a final boss to achieve a Strike! You can do them several times a day, so feel free to buy as many as you wish!

How many Strikes should i buy?

Its totally up to you! But here at D2Boosting, the more you buy the cheaper it gets! If you buy multiple Strikes, the price will get lower! Also remember to select the difficulty of the Strikes -harder = better rewards-

What are the requirements/informations for this service?

The average completion time for Strikes it's less than 30 minutes per Strike. A minimum Power Level of 130 is required to be elegible for Strikes! We do offer DuoQ aswell on this service, if you want to team up with our professional players!