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Destiny 2 Raid Completion - PVE Boosting

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Duo Que (+60%)

You can play with your account and group with us for your order.

Streaming (+10%)

You can watch us play on your account, through a private stream broadcast or VOD (if you want to watch it later)!

Fast Completion (Normal: + $100, Heroic: + $150)

We will start the order right away. If you don't select this option we might have to wait up to 72h


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What are Raid Bosses?

Destiny 2 Raids are another Destiny 2 weekly events. Like other events before, you will be asked to join a team of 6 people and open your path through a series of challenges that will end up in a battle with a huge raid boss. Bosses are known to drop one of the rarest loots in the game!

What is fast completion?

This means that if you buy this option, your order will skip in queue and will be the first one to be made right after you place it! You can join us during the Leviathan raid by selecting DuoQ also!

What power level is needed to get this service? And how much time it will take?

Usually it takes 2 hours to complete all the stages + The Leaviathan Raid. A minimum of 270 Power Level is required to start this service (290 for Prestige)! People with lower Power Level are not elegible for it. If your Power Level is lower than the requested one, check out our Power Levelling service!